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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 12, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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>>. >> mixed emotion. up next a judge says same sex weddings can resume in california as soon as next wednesday. but there is a catch. and reevaluating the fed up flight attendant. new information about what really information about what really happened before
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>> san francisco city hall today elation tinge with disappointment over a decision about same sex marriage. good evening. the judge in the case lifted his stay on same sex weddings but still put them on hold until next wednesday to allow opponent to appeal. and tonight they did exactly that. filing papers with the 9th the circuit court of appeals in san francisco. in those documents lawyers take the judge to task claiming the court ignored virtually everything judicial authority, the works of eminent scholar past and present and even common sense.
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john is here with a closer look at both sides of the legal fight. >>reporter: supporters of prop 8 are asking for the ban to stay in place until the u.s. supreme court can have the final say after judge walker ruled today that gay couple could begin marrying next wednesday opponent ready and waiting. >> tonight in the castro district supporters didn't have whole lot of time to save or the latest court victory until the first appeal filed. >> i don't think it is any surprise that there was a challenge filed except that i wasn't sure they would have standing to file so i don't know if that's been resolved. >>reporter: that is one of issues before the ninth circuit whether prop 8 supporters can make the case before the court. tonight attorney general jerry brown told 7 news he was pleased with today's ruling. brown along with governor schwarzenegger was a defendant in the gay marriage case but last week asked the federal court to let same sex weddings begin immediately. >> i personally believe since we have had same sex marriages there's no reason to delay. why not. this is a right.
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let people exercise it now. no real harm if some supreme court or court of appeals comes through another conclusion down the road in the year or twoyshtion supporters of prop 8 think brown running for governor jump the gun. thomas vice chairman of the republican party said brown and schwarzenegger should have let the legal process play out. >> i think an appeal was inevitable which is why perhaps brown and the governor filing the motion on friday wasn't the better part of discretion. they should have waited to let the appeal process run because what you don't want is to setoff false expectation like happened the last tame around. >>reporter: gay lesbian couple hoping to get married at san francisco city hall today will have to wait until next wednesday at the earliest while they wait on the 9th circuit. dean johnson says today's late challenge was bound to happen. >> tomorrow surprise here is that it took as long as it
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did. i would have expected that the prob prop 8 lawyers we have had their associates with the papers ready to file as soon as judge walker decision was announced. >>reporter: now both side are waiting on the ninth circuit court of appeals that gave no indication when it might issue an opinion. incidentally we asked jerry brown political opponent whitman for reaction to the ruling. her campaign told us she would have no comment on this. dan. >> thanks very much. john report jag one of the attorneys who defened proposition 8 a had this to say after june walker's order today. >> we are just very disappointed and think that the voters really should be furious that their decision, their vote for proposition 8 is completely thrown out. even though this case is so early in the process. and even knows that the final word is not here but ultimately in the u.s. supreme court. >>reporter: john perez the state first openly gay assembly speaker came to city hall in san francisco to say that he hopes to officiate at same sex weddings by next week. >> married a variety of
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couples over the years. straight and gay. gay obviously only during that limited period of time when it was legal. but i have got people calling my office asking me to perform their wedding starting next wednesday. >>reporter: if the ninth circuit court of appeals allow same sex wed goes to resume county clerk office around the state intend to be ready. so far san francisco, contra costa county, santa clara, los angeles, san diego counties say they will be ready to issue marriage licenses to same sex couple if they are allowed to. the lisa reports tonight on the contingency plans. >> it was hanging in my close closet. until i got the call to be on standby to do same sex marriage today. >>reporter: rushed to the santa clara county building today expecting to do what he loves most. >> the i believe in marriage and people getting married. i think it is great to see the people are happy when they leave. >>reporter: he started volunteering as marriage commissioner 2008 when same sex marriages were legal. he
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hoped the prop 8 stay would be lifted. >> we got there at 9:00 because we wanted to be the first or among the first to get a marriage license in santa clara county. >>reporter: so did brian and duke. >> you can actually check the groom there and there. >>reporter: this morning the couple filled out their marriage application and waited. then the roller coaster ride started. >> everyone was in tears. really excited. but then couple minutes later we found out it couldn't be until at least next week. >> this is just a bump in the road. >>reporter: this is exactly how the couple of 5 years is getting through the next 6 days when the stay might be lifted. they have already changed their facebook wedding reflecting the new date and time. >> i know things would happen. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> at the county clerk office they are preparing for a busy weekend. >> we are going to stay open way past 5 up until 7:00 o'clock. >>reporter: that is 4 hours
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later than usual. and other than the chapel, 3 extra rooms will be decorated and ready for weddings. they will be too. in santa clara county, lisa. >> hung back up for next week. >>reporter: abc 7 news. >> to read today ruling and the appeal for yourself you can go to our web site include will find a link on our front page and complete history of proposition 8 if you would like to read more about that. >> another major legal decision today to talk about. governor schwarzenegger says he will appeal a ruling today that ends furlough friday for 200,000 state employees. the decision suspends the governor's he was to force work investigators take 3 unpaid days off a month. until the state has a budget in place. the furlough friday began last year cut worker pay by 14 percent. very tough hit for some of them. >> i had to move out of my apartment and live with my family and it was just
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scrambling for some time. didn't have enough food. >> state supreme court upholds this and furlough don't go forward and looking at other things. lacking at 4 or 5 furlough in september. can't do furlough look at pay cut. >>reporter: tomorrow is day 44 of the budget stalemate. california is facing a 19 billion dollar deficit. uc berkeley will modify a controversial dna testing program after officials found it vailted state law. income freshmen transfer students 7 saliva kits over the summer. university promised individual results for 3 common genetic vairnts if they return the kit on a 0voluntary basis. >> biggest concern is that when people get genetic information they often will misunderstand it. and if someone gets a piece of information about their genes without a good chance to have
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them lacked at an expert they may misinterpret it that may hurt them. >> 600 students turned the kits in. researchers plan to do the test and they will release the aggregate findings this fall not specific. >> authorities in contra costa county have released new sketch of a suspect in 3 separate attacks at walnut creek apartment complex. the third victim helped the sheriff's department put together the sketch. the woman says she woke up on tuesday morning with a man covering her mouth. terrifying of course. her description is similar to those of 2 previous assaults of the park regency apartment near pleasant hill bart station. one woman was raped. 2 others fought off their attacker. search for the suspect goes on. in what is shaping up as a battle of 2 silicon valley tight on, oracle is suing google for patent and copyright infringement over the android operating system used at the time smart phone and some other gadget. it's
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based on java technology that oracle acquired when it bought mike system early this year. oracle therefore wants going toll stop making and distributing android and it is seeking monetary damages. massachusetts pension fund deeply invested in hewlett-packard suing the board of directors over ceo hurd abrupt firing and the circumstances haind it. the lawsuit accuses h p of failing to properly discholesterol the existence of an internal probe into hurd activity. it also claims he should not be paid severance package of at least 10 million dollars. about. >> flight attendant folk hero status. passengers talk about what really happened before he slid down that emergency shoo
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to shoot. edcini sleepworld.
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. >> there is new turbulence in the life of that fed up flight attendant who has become a cult hero after wigging out on jet blue flight. angry with passenger he trigger the emergency chute slid down to the tarmac and walked away from the plane and his job. well now several people on board claim that he started the confrontation and was drinking on the job. here's aaron. >> in a new york minute steven slater became a working class hero. >> item been amazing and support and everything that has been brought to me and given to me by the community and my friend. >>reporter: but new alleys tarnish the image of the overnight sensation. one passenger told the new york daily news he was very disturb. he was almost hysterical. >> this guy was like a jerk the whole time. i'm getting so frustrated with the people saying he's a hero because he wasn't.
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>>reporter: police sources tell abc news that witnesses aboard monday now infamous jet blue flight discredited his story about what set him off. he grand some beer. deployed the emergency chute and left the plane. >> at the end of the event there was lack of civility on the part of one person and it was inappropriate. >>reporter: few witnesses also claim slater was rude and drinking on the job and that setoff a few comments on facebook. this guy is a liar one said. worshipping at the altar of dramatic dope corn is sort oust what happened and slater attorney is trying to resolve the criminal charges against him. slater lives down the block. his lawyer wants his privacy back and when all is over he wants to be a flight attendant again. there is no word whether any airline wants him but at least one unnamed relaxation bench company has made slater an offer. this is abc news, bell
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harbor new york. >> cool temperatures not the only thing stoppingal mead county resident from taking a swim this summer. environmental health officials have temporarily closed several public pools the try to enforce new safety regulations. 40 percent of public pools are not complying with the law that requires new drain covers to be installed. those covers prevent swimmers from being sucked into the drain or being trapped by it. legendary san francisco restaurant owner ed looz died. he passed away this morning at cal pacific medical center. he had surgery in june and developed a staph infection. moose owned the washington square bar and grill and opened moose in north beach. he retired 5 years ago. he was 81 years old. 3.6 elephant seal back safe at sea tonight. here they are. omar, parker and
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cichlingts released last we can. they were discovered early this summer sick and mall newer issued along the coast and nursed back to health at the mammal center. they shot the video and sent to it you report powered by you tube. if you see news happening up load to you 7 or e-mail it to you report kg o dash love to get your pictures on the air. omar parker and preston back out where they belong. let's go to andy to talk about the eric forecast. sounds like it is warming up for the weekend. >> it is indeed. small dip on saturday and temperatures right on sunday heading into the weekend and really into next week. so we start to see mid 90's monday tuesday and wed as we head inland. here's the way it look this is afternoon from the high definition sutro camera. lovely view of the fog. it was a shallower marine layer 1200 feet deep as opposed to 2000 plus that we have been seeing lately keeping news the cool pattern. not the case today. that shallower marine
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layer weaker sea breeze resulted in a significant warm-up. livermore came up to 87 degrees. 18 degrees warmer than yesterday. up 16 in concord. 86 today. san jose up 7. you will notice santa rosa up 8 degrees and places like san francisco saw some sun. 65 degrees. 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. so we are making progress in the right direction. tonight because the marine layer is so shallow the fog is confined to the coast. nighttime satellite imagery and where the line is basically where the cut off is between the fog and the clear skies. when it gets pretty deep what happens is able to move over the hills and into the inland valley. slower clearing but not the case tonight which means tomorrow once again we are going to start off the day with few clouds around the coast and around the bay and clearing pretty quickly away from the coast. because marine layer so shallow look at the view just about an hour ago high definition emeryville camera. fog right there down
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on the deck so we do have in some areas poor visibility. half machine bay is reporting foggy conditions with half mile visibility. this is what you are going to face tomorrow morning. foggy in spots. patches of dense fog for that commute. certainly some low clouds at the coast and around the bay as well. 50's 60's right now except in antioch 73 degrees. mild to warm again tomorrow. turning cooler saturday and we look at the summer heat inland finally. sunday through wed that's when we start to feel like summer around here. one low exit another area of low pressure is starting to approach and this low moves in on saturday. what this is going to do is our shallow marine layer we have now is going to become deeper. sea breeze will strengthen which men the temperatures will fall on saturday and then the warm-up begins once that low kicks out up town. overnight look for the clouds and fog. mainly coast side temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow afternoon you look at is in day in the south
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bay with upper snis campbell, san jose, santa clara, on the peninsula, low to mid 70's for san mateo and menlo park. notice the coast upper 50's. still foggy part of the day. downtown san francisco you will see the sunny break. 63 degrees and not much change in the north bay. upper 70's sonoma, santa rosa, in the east bay 69 in oa oakland, 71 in hayward, inland areas you range from the low to the upper 80's. 88 in antioch and pleasanton. upon the ray bay 63 degrees in monterey. ears accu-weather 7 day forecast it is a very similar scene to today, tomorr today, tomorrow, cal down on saturday. warming begins on sunday. bringing temperatures back up to average and then really monday through wednesday we are in the midness. we haven't seen temperatures like that in weeks. low 60's at the coast. summer returns and i'm so delighted to tell everyone about it because i'm tired of hearing everybody say it is too cool. >> it was. >>reporter: it has been. i know it has been. we are all
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waiting for the heat is that thank you very much. >> coming up here next. get this. woman who wants to help a homeless man gives him a homeless man gives him credit instead of
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>> all things kilometer the an end. after 34 years after commiserating with women from the world kathy is calling it quits. comic strip fame kathy. her creator says the final strip will run in newspaper on sunday october 3rd. she says she would like to spend more time with her family and try something new after 34 years. all right. you have xwt to give a new york city woman credit. she wept over the top to be generous to man in need. she actually lent a homeless man her american express platinum card. man approached marie harris as she was heading to greenwich ville annual restaurant and asked her for money to buy vitamin water and pack of cigarettes. she didn't have catch so -- cash so she handed over the plastic
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and kept her fingers crossed. >> he said mind if iboro it. i looked at him. he seemed so honest. if would you do this again? >> totally. >>reporter: well the man returned with her card 15 minutes later and marie checked with a&m ebgs. he bought water and smokes. just lake he promised. honest man. >> that's good. nice lady good for her. >> absolutely. gives you faith. renewed faith and trust. nice thing to see. >> renewed faith and rust in the raiders perhaps. campbell brought in to be starting quarterback. another qb who finished the night
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finished the night you can see
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>> good evening everybody. raiders open the pre-season tonight at the palace in dallas. facing the cow boys it was the silver and black debut for the new quarterback campbell. he was okay. but it was really tomorrower cal star bowler who won the game and defense. campbell acquired in the off season from the redskins. campbell in just a moment. raider defense looked good early on. houston gets to romo. second
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round draft pick 2 of the raider 5 sack in the first half. first string offense it didn't do much in the first quarter. campbell and company play to the second. murphy first down 7 of 13 for 49 yards passing. fast forward to the action. fourth quarter. oakland down 9 zip. bowler off play action. a gorgeous grab. leaders trail nip-7. bowler and next possession it is screen pass here to michael been it. cowboys forgot about him. that's wisconsin pride chugging down the field. all alone. 33 yard reception. field goal raiders up 10-9 and defense would seal the victor victory. of ask why don't you scream for no reason. because that's jerome in the house, house, dan. that was 48 yards. get excited. the raiders win the pre-season opener and tease why i am screaming because it was 17-9.
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want to talk about winning the hard way jaints needed 2 homer from pat burl including a grand slam and pinch hit walk off hit by andre torrez in the bottom the 9th. subdue the cubs and might scream again. series finale psychedelic dude. burl homer in the fourth and sandoval makes it back-to-back jack. panda first homer in 178 at bat to tie it up at 3 appease. in the fifth. bases loaded for pwuvrment unload. down the line. foul. hits the pole. grand slam. 2 homeers. 5 rbi. giants leading 7-3 but the bullpen implodes. on the eighth the fourth hit of the day. tid at 7. setting up trauma in the 9th. torrez pinch hitting. long drive. that's carrying carrying carrying over the head of bird. ground rule double and you can all go home. giant win walk off 8-7 and 2 and a
11:31 pm
half back of the first place padres with the padres coming in for show down series tomorrow night at at&t park. first round of the pga championship at foggy which is hiping straight in wisconsin. 3 and a half hour rain delay. tiger 1 under par 71 actually had to leave for the early part of the day. played well. phil in pain because of arthritis. 1 under through 11. shot of the day belongs to mat his approach on the par 4, 13. 2 hop it in for eagle. nicely done. 4 under through 14 c. >> watson on 13. he is 4 under 68. also top leader board ernie els on 11 for birdie and does it have enough juice. yes it does. he was 4 under for 14 when darkness falls its play in beautiful sheboygan. >> i love saying sheboygan.
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>> shout it out. >> i did already a few times. you scream in the newsroom you mit as well scream out here. >> when the raiders we know i think i should be allowed to scream as loudly. >> we should all scream. good start for them. thanks very much larry. >> that is what is happening tonight. screaming allowed here. "nightline"is next for larry, sandy, and me thanks for watching appreciate your for watching appreciate your time. hope to [ fema announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. ♪ whoa! do you know what our favorite part of shooting hoops is? 3...2...1... overtime! ♪ ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.


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